In P'tit Club we speak French and English !

The Association “l’Eveil du Rohig” offers children a bilingual (French/English) and multiculturel environment.

Why a bilingual project ?

Young children need appropriate stimulation in all their areas of development.

According to the Montessori method, a child has the facility to absorb from all the influences of his environment to develop his own personality.

Young children have the natural capacity to learn languages, this progressively diminishes until they reach around 7 years old.  Up until this age, all languages that they are exposed to are absorbed in the same area of the brain. After this age all languages needs to be learnt in comparaison to the maternal language.  This exposure gives children an advantage when learning new languages. 

Young children have the facility to learn new languages : for them the question of language is not really the meaning of the individual words but the larger context. Acquiring a new language without pressure and through play.

Why English ?

The Association “l’éveil du Rohig” has decided to focus on a bilingual and multicultural project in English :

    • In response to the needs of business and parents-employees.
    • To date, English is one of the most used languages in the world.

Why a multicultural project ?

The Association decided to enhance its bilingual project into a multicultural project because the parents employed by the partner entreprises can be of different nationalities.

In order to put this project in place, educative agreements are necessary to ensure all cultural differences are understood so that all obstacles in communication between parents and professionals are met.

How is this project put in place in the P’tit Club ?

The team is made up of 50% anglophone staff and 50% french staff. The management are bilingual English-French which assures good communication in the team. During the working day, there is a professional of each language present.

According to needs, European students seeking work experience can visit us.

In the presence of the children, each professional speaks their maternal language with the children and with their colleagues. The principle objective is to offer the children a bilingual experience which provides them with the necessary tools to express themselves. The child can therefore speak to adults in the language of its choice.

The parents are the heart of multicultural-bilingual project

The parents are the most important partners in the multicultural-bilingual project. Their opinions, suggestions and desires are essential.

With an openness, a mutual respect for the cultural and family environment of each child is taken into consideration. The child experiences a multicultural concept securely where diversity and respect are valued.

Training will be put in place for staff and management but also for the parents. The objectives of the training modules are to create a welcoming intercultural communication.

Continuity of the multicultural-bilingual project : the passage into "école maternelle"

For the bilingual and multicultural project to continue after the child has left the creche, a partenership has been created with two “écoles maternelles et primaires privées” based at Vannes and Elven.


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