Responding to needs of local families

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Why reserve a place in one of our creches ?

It is not always possible for communes to offer childcare, the creation and management of these facilities is often costly. If companies do not offer their employees childcare the choices for parents can be limited.

We have decided to reserve one or more places as occasional places. These places can respond to the needs of several families. For example, one place could be used by 5 to 10 families each using it for a maximum of one day per week.

How do you reserve a place?

The Mairie signs a contract with the association for the reservation of one or more places in the creche. They generally sign a one year contract which is renewable. The parents who live in the commune can contact the creche directly. The creche manager is responsible for reserving places and respecting the agreed criteria.

The Mairie will be informed that the place has been reserved.

A newsletter will be sent to the Mairie with the up to date news of creche life.

All Community are invited to the Annual General Assembly of the Association.

Quel coût pour la collectivité ?

Afin de répondre aux attentes des familles qui résident sur vos communes et territoires, les Caisses d’Allocations Familiales ont mis en place le contrat enfance jeunesse, contrat d’objectifs et de cofinancement. Des aides sont ainsi accordées.

Répartition du financement d'une place de crèche

  • Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (CAF)
  • Parents
  • Eveil du Rohig
  • Collectivité


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