• What is the cost ?

In order to respond to the needs of the families in the local area, the CAF has on offer a childcare contract which can offer financial assistance.

  • What are the opening hours ?

The creches open from 7.30 am until 7.00 pm Monday to Friday. We are closed for Bank Holidays, a week between Christmas and the New Year and three weeks in August.

  • How are the costs calculated ?

The tariff is calculated by the national barometer imposed by CNAF. The financial situation and number of children in a family will be taken into consideration. The meals and consumables are included. The cost is reviewed annually or when there is a change in the family situation.

Invoices are issued monthly.

  • What do we need to provide for our child’s daily needs ?

We ask you to provide a change of clothing and if you wish a pair of slippers.

  • What happens when my child arrives in the creche ?

With initial registration in the creche, a period of familiarisation is agreed for the child and the family. This progressive start ensures a good integration of the child and their parents in this new environment. The team recommends a trial day in a week and parents are welcome to stay for this if they wish. This time is necessary to establish a continuity of care between home and creche. The child needs to find his place in both environments.

  • Is the structure open to children with a handicap or a chronic illness ?

Yes, a “Plan d’Accueil Individualise” will be put in place.

  • Can we support breast feeding ?

Yes. We have protocols in place, including transport and storage of breast milk.


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