An individual welcome awaits you !

We put great importance on individual daily care of a child and their family. In this case, our mission is managed by our team with the following objectives :

  1. To offer a secure welcome for the children and their families
  2. To respond and adapt to a child’s individual needs during their daily routine
  3. To encourage independence in the child and their natural inquistiveness
  4. For the child to take the lead in his own development
  5. To offer nurturing activities that allow a child to blossom
  6. To set boundaries to allow a child to interact well in a group
  7. To incorporate good practice in the daily routine of the creche

This project is inspired by the Montessori approach. This learning method takes into account the needs of the child at each stage of their growth and development. Each child develops at his own pace in an appropriate environment to allow him to  achieve his potential, giving respect to his personality, background and rhythm of development. The child has freedom of movement and choice of activites which helps develop independence and a sense of responsibility.

At P'tit Club, we respect the following values :
  • Free choice of play
  • Daily support
  • Adapted space
  • Secure welcome
  • Cuddles always possible
  • Tears always heard
  • Observation by professionals = an adapted response
  • Encouragement by adult
  • To become independent
  • Availaibility of professionnels
  • Boundaries = security of a child
  • Personalised welcome
  • Freedom of choice
  • A happy child is a happy creche
  • Time to relax
  • Consideration of habits
  • Little by little I eat without help

To each his own rhythm !

Eating and sleeping are the fundamental elements of the psychological and physiological development of a child. It’s why we respect the natural rhythm of a child (babies and older). Our professionnels take into account the child’s need to relax (sleep, quiet time,…) and continue this understanding into mealtimes.

Free movement in the creche

We have given the child the choice and free movement in the creche, through the adapted rooms for the different stages of development of a child. Each child therefore makes his own decision (playing or room).

Let the children discover the world around them !

We often take the children on outings. The market, librairy, the bakers, shows,…The children of all ages enjoy this moment ! These experiences give the children the opportunity to discover the world around them and allows a different observation of their development and interaction with others.

Environmental responsability : it concerns everyone !

The ecological approach has become inevitable for everyone. It is imperative to be conscience of the environmental impact of our daily habits. That’s why, at “P’tits Clubs”, the teams are committed, to making choices which reflect this :

  • Meals made on the premises, are organic and in season.
  • Recycling and composting of kitchen waste. 
  • Environmentaly friendly cleaning products (“label écocert”).
  • Use of flannels.
  • Vegetable plots for the children : oppotunity to discover new tastes.


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