Welcome !

To welcome a child also means to welcome his family. “L’accueil” is a special moment when a bond is created  between the staff members, child and parents. The staff are ready to make a strong relationship based on confidence and respect. They take into account the family background and needs so they can adapt to the individual child.  The staff are sensitive in their approach in the separation of parents and child.

Plusieurs étapes composent l’accueil de l’enfant et de sa famille aux P’tits Clubs:

  1. Inscription and first meeting
  2. Welcome period and key worker
  3. Daily welcome

Inscription and First Meeting

Before your child arrive in the creche, it’s necessary for you to have a meeting with the creche manager to complete a pre-inscription. As a result of this meeting you will be placed on the waiting list, and following the birth of your child confirm the pre-inscription and your intention to take up a place in the creche.

Welcome period and key worker

The welcome period takes place over one week, during which the professionals make themselves available to the families and the child.  This is an important time to develop a relationship.

To facilitate the transition from home to creche it is suggested that the parents bring with the child a familiar object from home, e.g., a teddy or parent’s t-shirt.

Daily Welcome

The daily welcome is the beginning of a new day, a moment to say goodbye to parents, hello to friends and share information.

A space for parents at the heart of the creche

In response to the parents’ needs, a space has been designated for the parents, at the heart of P’tit Club, Elven. This space is to:-

  • Encourage an exchange between parents
  • To assist their integration during the welcome week of their child

Practical Information !

On your arrival at P’tit Club don’t forget to bring a change of clothes and a thermometer for your child.


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